A Slice of New York in the San Gabriel Valley

Rose City Pizza opened in July 2009 and brought a slice of New York to the San Gabriel Valley. Using wholesome recipes that have been passed down through generations of Italians in New York, we offer large slices of gourmet pizzas ranging from incredibly delicious pastrami to upscale sautéed spinach and ricotta cheese pizza. Excited customers from the East Coast have stated: “There is no denying that this pizza brings me back home.” On the local front, customers are amazed because they have never sunk their teeth into the most intoxicating slice of heaven and crave our pizza after their first visit. They love our wholesome, fresh ingredients layered on a crispy thin crust.


Brian and Catherine Nittayo (brother and sister), fell in love with the pizza on their visit to New York. They craved New York style pizza and could not find anything similar to what they had. Their passion for authentic, organic, wholesome pizza is what opened up Rose City Pizza. Each bite offers a taste of handpicked ingredients from the local farmer’s market and definitely a taste of New York.


Brian and Catherine attended the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli, a world-renowned school in Italy that has taught generations of chefs the art of making pizzas. Brian completed an apprenticeship at Amore Pizzeria in Scarsdale, New York; and was mentored by Bruno Di Fabio, a World Pizza Champion. Both Brian and Catherine have been in the restaurant business for many years and with outstanding guidance, they ventured into the pizza industry.

Rose City Pizza is where you will always be welcome and enjoy an unforgettable meal.





Rose City’s Original “Pizza Gal!”

Rosie is a New York gal, and also a connoisseur of GREAT pizzas. She moved to California to pursue an acting career and, while waiting for her big break in Hollywood, landed a job as a waitress at Rose City Pizza.

Opened in 2009, Rose City Pizza brought a slice of New York to the San Gabriel Valley, and a huge smile on Rosie’s face. She was amazed how brother and sister team, Brian and Catherine Nittayo, truly captured the authenticity of crispy crust Italian-style pizza you’d find in New York. That’s because they use only the freshest and finest handpicked ingredients! What’s more, their recipes have been passed down through generations of Italians. Personally, Rosie loves how wholesome and healthy their pizzas are, which help keep her ‘figure-friendly’ for the camera!

Be it a Bronx Pastrami Pie, or a Sautéed Spinach and Ricotta Pizza, the instant a customer sinks their teeth into one of Rose City’s many intoxicating gourmet slices, it’s love at first bite. Just ask Rosie, who says, “Rose City Pizza isn’t just a slice of New York, it’s a slice of heaven!”